The Spot To Be

B&B’s ultimate goal is to bring a whole new way to experience Modern Vietnamese food. The hybrid of a craft beer bottleshop and crafty cocktails bar to pair with our Vietnamese food. From our authentic Saigon Beef Pho to our Signature Obama bowl (a modern presentation of a traditional dish bun cha Hanoi) to our Braised Pho Brisket Dip, an unconventional Vietnamese Sandwich that using braised brisket in Pho spices and serving as a French Dip.

See This Guy? Say Hi!

Meet the guy behind everything, Tuan Phung, a Vietnamese born and raised immigrant. He is a humble guy who watched too much food network and decided to open not just a restaurant but an ambitious tricocept, modern vietnamese with a craft beer bottleshop and a craft cocktails bar. The establish won the best restaurant concept and best beer bottleshop the first year it opened its door in 2017. Phung always believe that the team work effort from every single person in the restaurant is the key to the success.

Watch “A Taste of Vietnam”

Tuan and his family are featured in numerous Philly publications and videos. In this WHYY special, he talks about his memories of being in a Vietnamese refugee camp in his youth, traveling to America, and bringing traditional recipes and techniques with them.

Banh Mi and Bottles is also featured in a 6ABC interview. Check it out here.